How to Recover From Codependency

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2 Responses to “How to Recover From Codependency”

  • Xbox360king:

    A couple of months ago I got out of a really unhealthy relationship which had so much impact on me that I was forced to self reflect and realize I had serious codependency issues which has become progressively worse over the years. I was good at masking it on the outside but in reality I had little self worth and It had taken over my entire life and I could no longer take care of myself, all the passion I had for other things in my life was gone. I hit rock bottom after this break up and was really depressed but now I’m reading a lot of self help books that were recommended to me and I’m going through recovery steps, trying to save up enough for therapy. I want to date again to see if I can start picking the right guys, and also to get this last guy out of my head. He’s really stuck in there and I can’t seem to get him out. But will dating while I’m working on myself be bad for me?

  • Marlon P:

    i need a proxy for a research project. i need to do a slideshow and include images, video, etc, but my schools filter has blocked streaming media and image browsers. it also blocked a research database that i need for sources. any help?

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